Application form for Sfi courses

Personal information


You can specify the phone number of a relative if you wish.
Languages (mandatory)


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Reason for immigration (mandatory)


Why did you move to Sweden?

Educational background from your home country (mandatory)
State the number of years for your educational background from your home county


What is your highest education?
If you studied at college or university choose option E.
University education


Do you have an university education from you home county? Then choose appropiate field.

Former level of studies in Swedish for immigrants (mandatory)


Which is your most recent level in Swedish for immigrants (SFI) that you have studied before?

Latest year for studies in Swedish for immigrants


Which is the latest year that you where in studies in Swedish for immigrants (SFI)? Choose a year only if you have studied SFI. State year in format YYYY, for example 2006.

Reason for studies (mandatory)


Why do you want to study Swedish for immigrants (SFI)?

Professional experience in your home country (mandatory)


What was your main professional experience in your home country?

Current occupation (mandatory)


What is your current occupation?

Current employment (mandatory)


What is your current employment? If your are not working, choose "Not working"
Desired form of studies (mandatory)


When do you want to study?


At which school and place would you prefer to study? For more information about the schools, click the link down below.
Additions and comments


Do you have more information you wish to add to your application, add then here.

Certify information and send application (mandatory)
Choose your language


Swedish for Immigrants (sfi) is a basic training program for adults in purpose to give basic skills in Swedish language. The program give you opportunities to develop an ability to verbally and in writing communicate in Swedish in everyday life, societal life, working life and education. Tuition is free of charge and the school got all the books you need.

This application form is for those living in Solna. You make your application to the left. After you made the application the school you have chosen will get in touch with you and inform you when to start.

If you have questions about your start, please contact the school.

Information regarding processing of personal information

The information you provide in your application is registered and treated in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998: 204). Personal information is recorded and handled in adult education student management system. The handling is necessary for us to process your application correctly and to be able to administer your studies and academic performance as effectively as possible. We collect your address from the population register. (The information you provide will be disclosed to the education (school) you placed on.) The information may also be disclosed to the partner administrations. They can also be used for statistics, but is then completely depersonalized. Adult education may use your information to get in touch with you to ask about your interest in participating in different types of surveys and studies.

Your application is a public document

Once your application is received, it becomes a general and public and thus possible for anyone to enjoy. Remember to not submit documents that you do not want to be available to the public. If you have protected personal data, contact Adult Education before submitting an application.

Your rights as registered

You have the right, once per calendar access information on: a) what information we process, b) where this information was taken, c) the purposes of the processing, and d) to which recipients or categories of recipients the data is disclosed.

The request for this information shall be made in writing to the data controller in your community and be signed by yourself. If you find that we are dealing with erroneous information about you, you have the right to rectify.

Data Protection Officer

Adult education in your community may have a personal data representative, whose task is to assist you with issues relating to the processing of your personal data. To request information on the data we hold about you, or to get in touch with the Data Protection Officer, you should use the address at the bottom of the page.

Privacy Act in full text (external link).

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